Over the past 20 plus years

I have art directed and designed a vast array of consumer and contract magazines from Cosmopolitan to Country Homes and Interiors and have worked for the majority of the major publishing houses at

some point.


My strengths lie in my experience, enthusiasm

and creativity to really

push layouts. I specialise

in designing launch issues,
re-designing tired titles

and pitch work for

new business.


Recently I have worked on projects for GQ, the official Ferrari magazine, The Guardian and British Airways.


I’ve commissioned some

of the worlds best known photographers and illustrators and maintain impressive contact books.


I also have experience designing digital magazines.







Are you looking for design that grabs attention, improves brand awareness, helps obtain a sale or encourages customer loyalty?


Your visual identity and printed literature is often the first contact potential clients make with your company. And we all know that first impressions count.


However, graphic design

is more than making something attractive,

it is a delicate balance between form and function and should provide a financial return, so when people receive your business card, brochure or visit your website the key messages are communicated clearly and effectively.


Good design and distinctive branding that truly reflects the core values of your company or product can be one of the most important factors in the success of a business.


Graphic design and creativity is at the heart of my business and my passion.



Your brand is what people say about your company when you are not in the room!


It is the way the viewer perceives the personality and values of your business. Effective branding is a way to clearly highlight what makes your product or service different and more attractive than your rivals.

It promote the strengths of your company.


It is vital your brand has visual consistency. Every item should complement one another and project the same ethos and overall message.


A visual identity is much more than a logo, although that particular graphic is often the key element.


Brand familiarity generates trust, which in turn makes the task of selling in the future much easier. A well designed brand can act as an inanimate salesman, communicating on behalf

of your business.



A logo represents the visual identity of your brand. It’s a symbol of who you are, what you do and how you do it. A great logo will promote your business.


A well-crafted logo must be unique and instantly recognisable to distinguish you from your competitors and connect with your target market. You want it
to be trusted with the power to seduce a potential client or customer and gain their loyalty.


Successful logos need to be legible at any size and ideally work in colour as well as black and white. Many of the worlds most respected logos are incredibly simple designs (think Nike). It should be built to stand the test of time.


Logos are generally divided into two visual categories –  1. Based just on type alone

2. Icon plus type, where the icon can be used as a stand alone branding component.


A logo is the cornerstone of your branding.




Websites are today’s
‘Shop Window’, without

an impressive website,

you are missing a glorious opportunity to generate business.


My sites are elegant, engaging, easy to navigate, work properly in all web browsers and on all devices and screen sizes, and

can be updated by their owners using a content management system.


I offer the ideal web design service for small to medium sized businesses and build websites from the ground up so that each one is unique and Google-friendly. I can advise you through all the web jargon and ensure you understand how it
all works.


Whether your project’s aesthetic is simple and clean or raw and edgy, I work closely with my clients to design websites that have the right online presence to maximise your businesses potential.



Hiring a freelance graphic designer can be confusing. This is a rough guide as to how I would work with you.




If you like the look of my services and think we would work well together, and require a quotation please initially email me details of what it is you are looking for. I usually respond with a few additional questions that will help me provide an accurate quote. Alternatively give me a call to discuss a project.


If you are happy with the quote and want to proceed, this is a rough guide to what happens next.




Every design job starts by compiling a detailed brief defining the objectives. It includes an overview of your company, your target market and competitors. Tear sheets of any existing material or web sites you like the look of or don’t, along with your own sketches are useful.


Does the logo/design want to be visually modern, classic, affordable, exclusive, dynamic, serious or fun etc.


Will the project include photography, if so, is it
from a stock library or a commissioned shoot? How about illustration?




Once your brief has been thoroughly digested, research completed and a strategy is clear and focused, then the wheels of creativity are unleashed.


The knowledge gained
about your company is infused with my own expertise, experience, intuition, influences and the creative process begins to twirl and I produce design solutions.


I’ll initially brain storm as many ideas as I can, whittle them down, build them up again until I have a set of solid design solutions I am proud to present to you.





I will email these initial designs to you in PDF format,

and will explain my ideas and reasoning. You feed back your amendments or which design you are already in
love with or would like to develop further.


I continue the design process. Normally a design will reach a point now where I feel it is working and I make a second presentation.


Occasionally we will agree that still further development is beneficial. Hopefully the next presentation has hit the spot and you are completely satisfied with the final design.





Once you have approved the final designs via email and the agreed fee is paid, I then send you a high-res PDF with bleed and crop-marks ready to be sent to a professional printer, along with a range
of electronic file types, depending on your needs.



I can put you in touch with
a tried and tested printer who will give you a quote,
or you can organise your
own printing from the supplied files.





The more time you invest in design the better the results will be. I can turn a logo around in a day if you are on a tight deadline, but I would not recommend it. Quality design is time consuming. Whatever you do, don’t have a quick logo designed just to ‘look nice’. Have it done thoughtfully and it will last. I can work to most budgets. In the long run, bad design will cost your business more than good design ever will.





I set my fees at a level that is a fair reflection of the time, skill and passion that goes into bespoke design. I’ll work with you to find the best solution for your project within your budget. Being a small company, I don’t have the overheads of large agencies, so I can keep my prices down.


I am happy to provide discounts for local start-ups and non-profit organizations, so regardless of the type of business you’re running or what stage of development you’re at, I can help.




I transfer full copyright on the agreed final designs
to the client but ask to reserve the right to display my designs for my own promotional purposes.



Whilst the majority of designs I create are completed within the agreed three presentations, occasionally there is a benefit to further development. I am happy to revise your designs until you are happy, but do charge for the time spent over and above the agreed price. We would agree in advance how long I should spend.



I work hard to produce solutions that exceed your expectations, however, if we reach a point where the designs are just not considered the right solution, and after honest feedback between us, the process is deemed to be beyond salvation, I will bill for 75% of the agreed fee to cover the time invested in the work...and your project will be the one that got away!